Back to School and Back to DECA

It’s that time of the year again when members and advisors are heading back to school! Although it may not be the most exciting time of the year for everyone, there are several reasons to be energized for the year ahead. After a much sought-after summer break from learning, DECA is the student organization that encourages positive energy, makes school days more manageable and assists in the process of getting back into your educational routine.


One great way to get your mind off school, which will also benefit your local DECA chapter, is focusing on a membership campaign. Try brainstorming unique ways to convince students why they should join and come back to DECA. For example, returning members could work together by giving short presentations to groups of the freshman class, which will give new students a better understanding of why they should choose DECA. You can also advertise by hanging up flyers, membership applications and officer application forms near business classes.


Another awesome way to take your mind off school is by participating in community service, which serves several purposes! An example of a fun community service opportunity is volunteering your time at a local animal shelter. The most important reason to do community service is to give back to your community. However, in this specific case, volunteering at an animal shelter may even help you reduce stress if you spend time with the pets. Finally, you may even be able to transform your community service experience into a first-place written event in the new Community Awareness Project (PMCA) competition at the state or international level.


Finally, running for an officer position is always a good way to stay involved. Once elected, there will be countless opportunities to make an impact and make your high school experience more memorable. For instance, overseeing fundraisers or writing articles for local media about your DECA chapter can both help your chapter or association become more successful. Overall, you will have the chance to work with a group of officers that will challenge you and enhance your skills.

It’s a brand-new school year providing the opportunity to set new goals. I challenge you to set your goals high and to make an effort to achieve them all. Although it may be tough, be a leader by getting involved as much as possible and show how much fun it is to be involved in DECA. Doing so may encourage your friends and others to join and participate in DECA events.

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