Start Your Year with the New Collegiate Chapter Guide

When beginning the Collegiate DECA year, there are probably some questions that begin to swirl in your head from “What conferences should my chapter attend?” to “How do we compete?”

We’re proud to introduce the new Collegiate DECA Chapter Guide!

This new guide is meant to be used as a tool to get your chapter off the ground, or even to refresh your existing chapter. The guide includes information on competitive events, how to register for Collegiate DECA conferences and much more. While packed with information, the guide is short and concise so you can get the basic rundown on how to best operate your DECA chapter.

Here are some important elements from the guide to ensure you cultivate a successful and engaging chapter:

Collegiate DECA Leadership:

At DECA Inc. there are many people who can assist you with your chapter, which is why we’ve included page 2 — an entire page dedicated to the appropriate DECA Inc. staff to contact in order to receive the quickest response about your specific topic.

Since each association is different, we’ve listed each collegiate chartered association advisor and their contact information on page 4. These leaders are a wealth of information and can answer questions based on your specific geographical area.

Membership Recruitment:

The Collegiate DECA Chapter Guide isn’t complete without a membership page. This page contains information on dues, the membership system and a flow chart on how to register your members.

Better yet, the page dives into different strategies on how to recruit members at the collegiate level. These strategies include membership campaigns, getting social and hosting tables at campus events. Check out page 5 for more details!

Getting Involved:

Engaging in your chapter is critical. Collegiate DECA offers plenty of ways to get involved at both the local and international level. Page 8 is all about becoming a Collegiate DECA leader with information on scholarships, recognition awards, chapter campaigns and the Leadership Passport Program. This page will guide you in taking the next steps at the collegiate level.

The Collegiate DECA Chapter Guide includes 8 pages of the most important information when starting your collegiate chapter. Use this guide as a resource as you begin your year with Collegiate DECA!

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