Three Ways to Personalize Your DECA Chapter

Now that DECA season is back in full swing, it’s time to pull out all the stops when it comes to recruiting and retaining members! Whether your members are new or returning, it’s important that as chapter officers, you exhibit an elevated amount attention towards each individual. Here are a few tips on how to show your members that you are dedicated to serving them:

1. Customize your membership form
Creating your own membership form allows you to ask more personalized questions to get to know your members. You can include questions to get a gauge of their personal interests, such as what industries or career paths they want to learn more about, what type of events they are looking forward to and their preferred method of contact. Then keep a record of the responses and work to implement their likes and interests in your program of work during the school year.

2. Contact them personally
Newsletters and emails are great for distributing general news of happenings within your chapter, but the unfortunate truth is that not everyone will open their emails or read them in their entirety. If you want to encourage your members to get more involved by volunteering or attending one of your events, reach out to them personally. Take note of their preferred method of contact (from that membership form!) and have an assigned officer reach out. It’s a simple act that while may take some time, will help to form a more solid relationship with your members.

3. Implement a mentorship program
This is a great way to engage both your new and returning members. Returning members can gain a valuable role within your chapter by sharing their perspectives, experiences and knowledge with a potential member. Having a peer mentor may also allow new members to feel more comfortable with getting involved and showing up if they know someone will be present to guide them along the way.

There are no limits to the actions you can take to create a memorable experience for your members, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different things and implement what works best for your whole chapter!

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