Three Ways to Improve Your Chapter Fundraisers

As the new school year begins, your chapter is going to need money to cover the expenses that come with running such an amazing program. Whether you’re trying to fund your conference registration fees or community service projects, these three easy tips will make it easy for your chapter to gain the funds necessary for a successful year!

1. Boost chapter involvement through personal incentives

One of the most difficult aspects of chapter-based fundraising is building support within you chapter to participate in the fundraisers that you hold. One way to combat this apathy is through personal incentives for your chapter members. For example, if you’re holding an event that is designed to lower the costs of attending the International Career Development Conference in Nashville this year, allocate the funds proportionally to how much time each member puts into the event. This will make members more likely to participate and allow your chapter to have a more successful fundraiser.

2. Go beyond the norm

With chapter fundraisers, both the members running events and those attending expect certain things, such as a bake sale or raffle tickets. A great way to increase engagement is to bring fresh fundraising ideas to the table. By thinking outside of the box, you will attract new individuals to participate.

3. Have fun

This final tip is also the most important. No matter what your chapter is doing to raise money, make sure that you are having fun in the process. It can be a little bit overwhelming at times, but hosting events that are fun for both the participants and the members is the best way to ensure success. Now that you have the tools to make DECA more affordable for your chapter… here we go!

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