Collegiate DECA Recruitment Ideas

School is almost back in session, and now is the perfect time to be thinking up recruitment strategies for the 2019-2020 school year! Follow these tips below for inspiration on attaining unprecedented levels of membership:

  1. Participate in an event hosted by your school: At the beginning of the school year, there’s bound to be a variety of recruitment events hosted right on campus! Tabling at these events can provide an amazing opportunity to get valuable face time with potential DECA members. Make your table fun by offering interactive games or activities with prizes for the winners!
  2. Speed date with DECA: One fun setup for a recruitment event is in the style of speed-dating, with two circles of chairs facing one another. Let the potential members take a seat in the inner circle while existing members rotate around, getting to know everyone and sharing their own DECA experiences. After the event is over, take down email addresses or phone numbers for the potential members and have the existing members they spoke with reach out to them with more information!
  3. Host a mini-competition: If you want to host a recruitment event with great opportunities for learning, host an informal, mini competition. Invite potential members to try their hand at role-plays and case studies by breaking them into small groups and encouraging them to present their ideas to mock judges. This is a great way to teach potential members how DECA competitions work, and allows for some awesome networking.
  4. DECA dinners: Invite potential members to a local restaurant for a meal with the chapter. Before the food is served, answer icebreakers and share fun DECA memories as a group. You can even pair existing members with potential members in order to foster more personal After the meal, share ideas as a group for fun future activities.
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