What Went Down at #DECAELS

If you are a chapter or chartered association officer who attended the Emerging Leader Summit in San Diego, then you know it was an incredible time for everyone involved. Between endless networking, instructive EMPOWER and ELEVATE sessions, and an amazing night at Belmont Park it was truly an amazing experience.  If you happened to miss out, here’s what happened:


For chapter leaders hailing from Washington to Florida, the ELEVATE Emerging Leader Series provided an extended look into what it takes to create the best chapter. They learned techniques such as the DECA leadership styles and competitive events prep techniques, and they became closer as a group through teambuilding activities. Walking out of the ELEVATE program, these emerging leaders and entrepreneurs are prepared to lead their chapter to more membership, better participation, and #DECAGlass in the next year.


On the other half of the hall, the best DECA leaders across the globe came together to learn about how to better the chartered associations they served. Even though I’m partial to the North Atlantic Region (shout out to Ontario!), every single team that I was lucky enough to meet in these sessions brought something new to the table. The unique programming geared specifically towards running a successful DECA association set up these leaders for an incredible year full of growth and development.

3.   Networking

Every officer attending had their own story to tell. My personal favorite part of the event was being able to hear all of these stories and the impact that these leaders have been able to make already. Members left ELS with a set of 200 new DECA friends to interact with over the next months. These bonds will last for a long time and have always been the glue that holds DECA together.

4.   Belmont Park

On the final night of the Emerging Leader Summit, attendees visited San Diego’s iconic premier beachside pier, Belmont Park. Whether zipping around on electric scooters, eating wave-side, or riding the iconic 1925 wooden coaster, leaders enjoyed hanging out with their new friends and the incredible Pacific Ocean. This has been one of my favorite entertainment values at any leadership conference and I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area!


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