Competitive Events Transcripts from DECA ICDC Now Available

DECA is pleased to provide competitive events transcripts for all competitors at this year’s DECA International Career Development Conference — free of charge!

DECA chapter advisors can obtain their entire chapter’s transcripts by logging in to the membership system at Click on the conferences tab, then high school ICDC registration and student transcripts. This will automatically download all transcripts for your chapter.

DECA members can login to the student portal at with their membership ID (obtained from their chapter advisor) and password (obtained from the chapter advisor unless already accessed the student portal). If this is the first time the student is accessing the student portal, they will have to enter their parent/guardian e-mail address to obtain their approval to access the data. Once in the student portal, they can go to the transcript tab to download their transcript.

DECA chartered association advisors can obtain their entire association’s transcripts by logging in to the membership system at Click on the conferences tab, then high school ICDC registration and student transcripts. You have two options: download all to download all student transcripts for your association or download by chapter to download transcripts for a specific chapter.

Certified Guest Services Professional Certification Now Available

In partnership with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), DECA is pleased to offer students an opportunity to boost their diploma and resume with the Certified Guest Service Professionals (CGSP®) industry certification. To become certified by AHLEI, you must meet the knowledge and experience requirements and successfully complete a certification examination. DECA members who took the Hospitality and Tourism Cluster Exam at their state/provincial conference or at ICDC and scored at least 70% will be eligible for the Certified Guest Service Professionals (CGSP®) industry certification. Certifications are only available at the state/provincial level if the scores were reported by the state/provincial association.

The Certified Guest Service Professionals (CGSP®) industry certification will cost DECA members only $20, a sharply discounted rate compared to the general public and AHLEI members.



Certification orders can be made through DECA’s online membership system. Exam data from ICDC has been uploaded to the online marketplace. Some associations have also uploaded exam data from their state/provincial conference. DECA advisors will be able to order certifications for their students with scores above 70% on the hospitality exam.

Step 1 – Go to Only chapter advisors can order certifications for their students.

Step 2 – Enter your username and password.

Step 3 – Select the “Market Place” tab found in top the menu bar.

Step 4 – Select the “Certifications” hyperlink on the left-hand side of the page to see if any of your students are eligible for the Certified Guest Service Professionals (CGSP®) certification.

Step 5 – Select the check the box under the select column for the student(s) you would like to order the certification for.

Step 6 – Select the red “Create Invoice” button to review your order.

Step 7 – Select the “Confirm” button to process the order.

Step 8 – Back on the main tab menu, select the “Invoice History” tab.

Step 9 – In the new page, select the RED “Pay Invoices” button to pay your invoice with a credit card.

Step 10 – DECA Inc. will collect paid orders on a weekly basis. AHLEI will receive the orders and distribute certifications directly to the chapter advisor. It will take approximately three weeks for AHLEI to process the order and distribute the certification.