Competitive Events Updates and Draft Topics for 2019-2020


The Chapter Team Events will now be called the Project Management Events. The Project Management Events require participants to use project management skills to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control and close a project.  Participants in the Project Management Events will:

  • identify a problem
  • develop a project management plan related to the problem
  • implement the project using project management skills
  • develop a written report and presentation on the project

The new event names are:

  • Business Solutions Project
  • Career Development Project
  • Community Awareness Project
  • Community Giving Project
  • Financial Literacy Project
  • Sales Project

There will be a common set of guidelines and evaluation rubrics for the Project Management Events.

Draft guidelines are available here. Click here for resources made available through MBAResearch in partnership with Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF).




The 2019-2020 topic for each career category is the development of a strategy to improve a company’s reputation and online brand presence. Participants will collaborate with a local business or organization to analyze current perceptions of the company or organization as well as its online brand presence. Participants will then present a strategic plan to enhance the company’s reputation and online brand presence.



For 2019-2020 you will assume the role of a financial consultant. A client has scheduled a meeting with you because he/she would like to learn more about the online features available from your organization for financial management. The client would like for you to share and explain different online customization tools for banking and portfolio management.



For 2019-2020 you will assume the role of director of sponsorships for a local event taking place within your community. You are meeting with a local business that has interest in becoming a sponsor of the event. In the meeting, you should explain the sponsorship program, various sponsorship packages available and recommend the sponsorship level appropriate to the business.



For 2019-2020 you will assume the role of a sales representative of a cloud-based technology firm that specializes in workplace collaboration, productivity and project management. The chief operations officer of a new startup has scheduled a meeting with you because he/she has a desire to implement this technology within the startup, which has 25 employees. The chief operations officer wants to learn about your technology solution’s features and why your solution is superior to its competitors.


Be sure to check the DECA Guide over the summer for official guidelines for the 2019-2020 school year.

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