What Can You Do to Set Yourself Apart From Your Peers?

Sherri Dickie National Recruiting Manager | Vector Marketing Canada

Limited internship openings, higher post-secondary program enrollment requirements, a shortage of scholarship opportunities… it seems that everything is growing more and more competitive. So, I’m often asked by students, “How can I stand out?  Isn’t that what we all want—to be noticed?

When I was first exposed to DECA more than a decade ago now, I immediately saw the similarities between DECA and Vector Marketing’s cultures and how both of our organizations do an exceptional job at preparing students for the future and providing them with skills that can be a launching pad for their success.

When I get to work with students who have embraced both opportunities, I know that they’re serious about standing out from the crowd. So Garfield Bailey, who did DECA in high school and is a Sr. Advisor with Vector Marketing Canada, seemed like the perfect person to share his thoughts on this very topic.

 What first attracted you to DECA in high school?

“I loved the fact that DECA provided an environment where I could learn about business and entrepreneurship outside of the classroom. As well as the fact that it was a competition, that was also very attractive.”

What would you say is the best thing you gained from your DECA experience?

The best thing that I gained from my DECA experience, outside of business knowledge, was honestly how to translate my business and financial acumen into a real-world situation. That’s actually what helped to make DECA such an enjoyable experience for me.”

What types of students would you say typically participate in DECA?

I’d say that the typical DECA student is anyone who has interest in the business and entrepreneurial world and is willing to learn and experience it.”

Are you strategic about extracurricular activities that you participate in, and jobs you’ve taken? Have you specifically sought out opportunities that would help set you up for your future? 

Looking back at the jobs that I’ve had—lifeguarding to working as a busboy at a deli, and now getting sales experience with Vector—I’d say no, there wasn’t really a plan. However, there was something that was constant. I worked as hard as I could at all of them, and I believe that that’s what set me apart. It’s like I always knew what it meant to be Vector trained.”

 What’s your dream career?

My dream career is to be a global influencer. I want to not only impact the world in my generation but to even create a legacy. I want to help as many people as possible, and I want to be remembered forever.”

What qualities or skills have you gained from your time with Vector that you think will set you apart from your peers?

I’ve gained a lot of confidence during my time with Vector—confidence that I think will take a lot of people who I graduated with a long time to gain. And it’s not like I’m trying to brag or say I’m better; it’s honestly because Vector just has the ability to bring out those qualities in people. And developing confidence is so important because I now know that I can do anything.”

What’s a skill or trait you’re personally working on now that you think separates you from others your age?

The trait I’m working on right now is how to 10X my life. It’s a principle I learned from Grant Cardone. If you’re in business of any kind, I recommend consuming knowledge from him. If not, I believe you’re losing more than money—you’re losing the proper perspective on life. I believe committing to this principle is what will set me apart from others my age and allow me to help and make an impact in the lives of others.

The thing that I love about Vector is that it’s like a sandbox to develop all these skills and train on this principle. Everyone has this opportunity, with or without Vector experience. Vector Marketing has just helped to cut out a lot of the learning curve.”