Important Reminder: ICDC Dress Code

Professional appearance is an important aspect of the overall preparation of DECA members for the business world. To that end, DECA supports a dress code for its career-based functions that exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism while being non-discriminatory between genders.  DECA’s board of directors has developed the official dress standards for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). The official dress code is provided on page 38 of the DECA Guide. Students, advisors and chaperones must follow the dress code.

As ICDC quickly approaches, please review the new dress code which will be in effect for the 2019 ICDC.


The most notable changes include:

  • All skirts and dresses must be at or below the knee.
  • Unacceptable types of dress shoes include boat shoes, canvas or fabric shoes, flip flops or casual sandals, athletic shoes, industrial work shoes and hiking boots.
  • A collared dress shirt must be worn with appropriate neckwear (necktie, ascot, scarf) OR dress blouse must be worn when appearing before judges and on-stage.


When judging adherence to the dress code, DECA asks that advisors, teachers and chaperones use observation as the tool for assessing compliance. DECA does not support or condone the touching of students or their clothing as a means of determining whether or not a student is following the dress code guidelines.


Please remember that an official DECA blazer is required to receive recognition or an award on stage. As you prepare your DECA members for attending ICDC in Orlando, please review the dress code with them.

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