Watauga DECA Holds DECA Week

Peyton Cline | Watauga DECA

DECA is the largest club at many schools, including Watauga. Despite the size it sometimes goes unnoticed, fading in with athletics and the many other organizations. Noticing this issue, the decision was made to have a “DECA Week” with the goal to raise awareness within our school. Here is the week broke down.

Monday: DECA Shirt Day

Each year Watauga DECA uses various brand logos as inspiration for our club T-shirts. The spoofed logo provides a memorable impression of DECA as well as a marketing aspect. Although the DECA Shirt Day is fairly basic, it’ll put faces to the organization and provide a bridge between members and potential members.

Tuesday: Doughnuts for Teachers

Without our teachers, individuals would not be who they are today. This is a simple token of appreciation for being so considerate when students miss school for various DECA conferences and competitions. Using networking skills, Watauga DECA members talked to various businesses around the community to get doughnuts donated for this special treat.

Wednesday: Entrepreneurship

DECA’s mission is to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Wednesday will tap into the mission statement of DECA. Local business owners have agreed to come join us for a business expo that will be held during lunches. The different businesses that will be in attendance will appeal to various interest. The consignment store Anna Banana’s, Appalachian Cookie Company, Horton Hotel, and Hatchet Coffee will all be participating.

Thursday: Custodian, Counselor, and Cafeteria Appreciation

These individuals often go unnoticed within schools but the services they provide are instrumental for school function. This day is to simply thank them with notes and tokens of appreciation.

Friday: Administrative Appreciation

Without administrative support, DECA programs would not be able to function. These individuals are gracious enough to approve all conferences and competitions we wish to attend. Friday will provide an opportunity for members to say thank you, something that is often not said enough.

Watauga DECAs’ “DECA Week” will be February 25 through March 1. The days of Tuesday through Friday spell out “DECA”. If you’d like to follow Watauga’s DECA Week, follow @watauga_deca on Instagram or @wataugadeca on Twitter.

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