Funding Your Chapter’s Impact

Ashley Shabo

While chapter projects can look distinguished on paper and be the reason a school brings home a state title, they can have a lasting impact on the school and be a catalyst for good in the local community. Through these projects, members have the ability to raise awareness about the local issues that mean the most to them, while also being able to raise money for these influential causes. From raising money for domestic abuse shelters, to writing comforting notes for children who recently affected by the death of a parent, to bringing awareness to the lack of business classes in local schools, the sky is truly the limit to what your chapter can accomplish. By starting with a simple event, your chapter can build unfaltering connections with community businesses, involve your peers, and raise money for causes that you are passionate about.  For example, if a chapter organizes a 5k and raises $1,000 they will be able to provide a multitude of things such as:

  • Books for Elementary School students
  • Materials to make blankets
  • Friendship bracelets for children
  • Clothes for the unfortunate
  • Food for the hungry
  • School supplies for students
  • Classroom supplies for teachers

On top of a plethora of time and effort, events can be financially burdensome. Although it can initially be stressful to stick to a strict budget, sponsors will be a tremendous help! Local business owners and corporate companies are usually more than happy to help out financially. By obtaining sponsorships, the originally costs of an event can decrease significantly, while also increasing your potential profit. For all of the Corinth Holders High School’s DECA events, chapter members go out into the community to obtain sponsors. Members will also type up a script and meet a few days after school and cold call businesses. Sometimes sponsors will decline to donate but remember to continue to be respectful. Building a good rapport with these companies is integral to building a positive reputation of your chapter within your town. The benefits of receiving sponsorships is monumental and can really bring your event to the next level. One way of encouraging sponsorships is having benefits for the sponsors, since companies are more willing to donate if it is a mutually beneficial relationship. For example, your chapter might choose the ‘levels’ form of sponsorship, where companies can choose how much they want to donate and the more they donate, the more benefits their company receives.

During the 2017-2018 school year, the Corinth Holders DECA Chapter organized a charity golf tournament in benefit of the Comfort Zone Camp. Comfort Zone Camp is a bereavement camp for children who are grieving the loss of a parent, sibling, or legal guardian. This camp was chosen by our chapter after one of our members attended and had a vehement experience there. While planning this event, members involved the community, by soliciting volunteers, sponsorships, and participants for the event. Due to the substantial cost of organizing an event this big, the project team put together three levels of sponsorship: diamond, platinum, and gold. The diamond sponsor was the event’s main or “big” sponsor for the event and received all the benefits we offered. Platinum level sponsors had to provide a $200 direct donation or sponsor two teams to play in the tournament. In return they were listed as a sponsor in the brochure and were a sponsor for a specific hole in the event with a custom sign. Gold level sponsors were required a $100 direct donation or had to sponsor one team to play in the tournament and in returned their logo and company was listed as a sponsor in our brochure. To raise more profit for the Comfort Zone Camp, we also had a raffle that included items donated by local businesses. Members cold called local businesses with a script to go off of to obtain raffle items and/or extra money businesses were willing to donate towards the cause. Because of the passion of the project team, the heavy involvement of chapter members, dedicated sponsors, and a well thought out plan, this project was a huge success raising thousands of dollars for grieving children.

Through this fundraiser, more people within the community found out about Comfort Zone Camp and about what Corinth Holders DECA Chapter does to help non-profits organizations By giving members the opportunity to go out into the community and take part in the organization of a large event like this, it teaches them an abundance of character traits, valuable skills, and lifelong lessons.


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