It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…for Marketing Teachers Everywhere!

For the fifth year in a row, I will be hosting a Super Bowl commercial viewing party during each of my marketing periods. This year, on the day after the Super Bowl (Monday, February 4th), I hope you will join DECA chapters and business classes across the country in watching and critiquing the latest batch of Super Bowl commercials.

I know my students have a great time engaging with their peers across the country during class, but they also gain a lot of experience and knowledge doing so. To start off, I’d like to thank and give credit to Sara Hart Olson of Sun Prairie DECA for originating the idea and Keegan O’Brien of Appleton East DECA in Wisconsin for outlining the activity and spreading this idea like wildfire.

For marketing and business teachers, the advertising aspect of the game is something most of us will utilize in our classes. I plan on discussing the topics below with my students on the Friday prior to the big game, and then showing my classes the “oldies but goodies” to help prepare for Monday.

Topics to discuss:

  • Cost of a 2019 Super Bowl commercial
  • Over 100 million viewers in the US
  • Most watched television program every year
  • The impact that social media has made on the value of commercials and the concept of viral marketing.
  • Common themes used in ads that appeal to a wide audience
  • The USA Today Ad Meter and how it works.

We then watch the commercials in class together and discuss them as a group.

This is where you and your classes can get involved!

First, show the commercials to your classes on Monday, February 4. I use the USA Today Ad Meter site the day after the Super Bowl to show the commercials.

Then during class, ask your students to consider tweeting their thoughts about the commercials as they watch them and use the hashtag #SBDECA to join the conversation taking place across the nation. Have them consider their favorites and least favorites, whether each commercial is worth the money, what kind of reaction/connection are they trying to make with the audience, etc.  I created a worksheet to use with my students to track their work if they don’t have a Twitter account. Click here to download the worksheet and insert your own information. I think I borrowed most of it from others!

I recommend coming up with an additional hashtag for your specific school as well for your students to use along with #SBDECA. For example, at Southington High School we will use the hashtag #SHSBK for Southington High School Blue Knights (good advice if you are a fellow SHS – there seem to be so many of us!) Get creative and come up with a hashtag that works for you.

I would also recommend using a hashtag with your state abbreviation so we know which states are getting involved. So, if you are from Wisconsin it would be #WI. If you are from California it would be #CA. You can also use these prompting questions provided by Vince LoPiccolo from Adams DECA by replacing his hashtags with your own:

Q1: What makes a Super Bowl ad memorable? #SBDECA #AdamsMkt

Q2: Which Ad won the Super Bowl this year? #SBDECA #AdamsMkt

Q3: Which brand surprised you (good or bad) with their Advertisement? Why? #SBDECA #AdamsMkt

Also, it’s always a good idea to remind your students about using proper language and portraying a positive image while tweeting.

If your class is going to get involved, tweet me at @DECAbrooks to let us know! I can’t wait to see all the incredible insights and ideas from all of the epic DECA members across the country. And…GO PATRIOTS!!!

Follow Teresa on Twitter @DECAbrooks and her chapter at Southington DECA @SouthingtonDECA.

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