5 Hacks to Calm Competition Day Nerves

Mack Bucki | Airport DECA

Every year as we move closer towards competition season, many of us tend to get nervous. We spend hours decorating our posters, practice role plays deep into the night, and dissect DECA Direct articles in order to perform our best. However, this stress can really build up, making you seem unprepared and apprehensive in front of the judges, ultimately causing all of your hard work to go down the drain. Well, sit back and (try to) relax, as you read my best tips for getting into the best mindset on competition day.

Visualize Success

Setting a goal is one thing, but reaching a goal is another. Take a second, and think about what you want to get out of SCDC (connections?, fun?, success?). Envision your goals, and conquer them!

Get Minty

Peppermint has calming qualities. Chew some peppermint gum, smell some peppermint oil, or simply brush your teeth to feel energized. Use that energy to help you crush your presentation!

Talk It Out

When some are nervous, they tend to talk… A LOT. If you have ever been to a neck-to-neck sporting event, you know this to be true. So, why hold it back? Use your chatterbox to meet others, and get pumped up for your event.

Sweat It Out

For many, movement releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine (a chemical that makes you feel rewarded and happy.) Take advantage of this by going for a short walk/jog on the morning of your event. Go into your presentation feeling fresh and optimistic.


Your facial expression can change how you feel. Have you ever watched such a moving video that it caused you to smile? Use this hack to make yourself excited to present your project. Plus, your seemingly confident attitude will make your nervous competitors feel intimidated.

All in all, if you want to be successful at your DECA conference, you need to be mentally prepared. Use these hacks at your next DECA event to put your best self forward, and be in the running for some DECA glass. Oh, and don’t forget that extra pack of peppermint gum.

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