Five Reasons Why Collegiate DECA Has Continued to Be My Priority

Annelise Norton | Michigan Collegiate DECA President

As a college student every day you wake up deciding what you’re going to have time to do. If I go out to dinner will my stats homework get done? Can I study for my exam next week and make it to that meeting later? I am no exception to this. As a senior involved in clubs, on campus events, honor societies, having a job and holding a Vice President position in my sorority and President of Michigan Collegiate DECA more days than not I find myself making cuts to my “to do list”. However, DECA has always made the cuts and here’s why:

1) My DECA chapter and now state really is a family and support system.

I can’t even count the amount of times I have had a bad day and turned to my chapter to cheer me up. The DECA members from across the state I have gotten to know because of State office put a smile on my face with every Instagram story and time I see them.

2) The real-world business and interpersonal skills DECA have taught me are unmatched anywhere else.

No honors society or club I am apart of has molded and taught me more than DECA. I owe much of my success and future success to the staff and members of Collegiate DECA.

3) I sincerely have a passion for the competition, network and every aspect of Collegiate DECA.

Homework is awful, I’ve never met anyone who loves doing it. I put it off for as long as I can and complain the whole time. However, every summer I find myself waiting for the new case outlines to be posted so I can start planning my DECA project. I have found my passion in DECA and I would never consider giving it up.

4) The doors DECA has opened for me in the industry are tremendous.

The number of LinkedIn connections and people I meet who we bond over being in DECA are tremendous. I have been given many opportunities because of DECA and I’m so grateful.

5) I have fun doing it.

Through DECA I get to travel, meet amazing people from all over and I get ot do it while bettering myself. As much work and enriching as it is DECA is fun!


Annelise attends Northwood University and serves as the Michigan Collegiate DECA President. Follow Annelise on Twitter at @Annelise_N_. Follow Collegiate DECA on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date!

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