#OneDECA, A Call to Connect

On December 18th, 2018, DECA members across different states, countries, and time zones connected to discuss and collaborate on a broad scope of issues via the monthly #OneDECA call. I had the opportunity to partake in the December #OneDECA call and wanted to share my great experience. On the video-conferencing platform Zoom, we were able to connect screen-to-screen to address some major topics like chapter fundraising, school-based enterprises, corporate relations, and community outreach. Keep an eye out for the full summary of the call and how you can sign up for the next one—coming to www.decadirect.org in the following weeks.

It was such a valuable experience to meet and work with people from all parts of DECA, ranging from executive officers to everyday members. Each level of leadership brought a different perspective and helped inform our discussion.

By the end, I found myself with a boatload of ideas that I was excited to bring back to my own chapter. It is a common struggle this time of year to fundraise enough to offset the costs of competition, so an entire call dedicated to this subject was beneficial.

I also gained some great insight into how each school fundraises compared to others. All of us could share different things that our chapter was proud of, but also things we needed to work on. For example, my school has a very successful school-based enterprise, but we struggle with corporate and community outreach; however, some chapters have had great success with this in the past, and it was useful to hear their advice. Another interesting tidbit shared on the #OneDECA call was how multiple chapters were collaborating to run unified fundraisers. This is something my chapter has never experimented with, and it could definitely bring something new to our fundraising mix. All these new methods of fundraising will help chapters like mine prepare for expenses that generally have to be passed onto our members.

I highly recommend this call to any DECA member, no matter your position. Every month focuses on a new topic, so it is an excellent opportunity to learn new and useful information. If you’re looking to get more involved in DECA, this is the call for you. Connect and collaborate with people from all over the country to bring back great ideas to your local chapter. I hope you sign up for the next call, see you there!


Walker Penfield | Nipmuc Regional DECA

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