Let’s Unify Your Chapter!

Let’s discuss teamwork: the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.

When it comes to DECA, almost 99% of your teamwork comes from within your own chapter. Furthermore, teamwork within your DECA chapter makes your time in DECA more enjoyable as well. As a result, your chapter becomes your in-school family, which excites you and pushes you to work hard in DECA.

Your overall DECA experience should not simply be about what goes on within your own competitive event, but your chapter should always play a huge part in your positive experience! Chapter bonding events are a great way for your chapter to become more of a team. If your chapter struggles to come together or you just want to host more activities with your chapter here are some ideas!

Chapter Bowling Nights: Bowling is a great social event that is fun and easy for everyone! It’s also great for small and large chapters because lots of bowling alleys can fit a large group of people!

Fundraising Events: To raise money many restaurants offer the opportunity to host fundraising events at their locations where they’ll give a percentage of one’s check to your chapter. If someone in your chapter hosts one of the events, EVERYONE in your chapter should be attending to support their chapter. Chain restaurants that offer fundraisers are Uno’s, Chipotle, Boston Market, California Pizza Kitchen, Bertucci’s, Chik-fil-a, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Chapter Dinners: Just like how sports team hold pasta dinners or team dinners before a big game, chapter dinners are a great way to rally your DECA team before competition. Holding a big dinner to psych up your team will motivate and bring your chapter together, promoting team spirit.

Secret Psycher: Holding a secret Psycher where you choose a member of your chapter at random and anonymously gift them a present or candy and a drink before competition, really gives your chapter a caring and involved environment. Plus knowing that your teammates are cheering you on during competition will help you perform better in competition by raising your self-esteem and confidence levels.

Leadership Roles

Being a leader in DECA includes the role of bringing your chapter together and uniting as a family. Leadership is not about who is better at DECA, but it is about wanting to improve your chapter and a chapter must work as a team to better themselves. One of DECA’s motto’s is “leave your legacy,” by being a leader and leaving a legacy of inclusion and unity it will encourage your chapter to be everyone’s number one fan throughout their prosperous journey in DECA.

There is always a lot of emphasis on a single project’s success, but in DECA its difficult to be successful without your chapter being there to cheer you on. With your chapter’s team spirit and absolute support you will have no problem leaving your legacy in the DECA program.

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