3 Reasons I Consider Myself a Leader (Thanks to DECA)

Rohan Nipunge | ThunderRidge DECA

With my third year of DECA up and running, I have been reflecting on the number of corporate experiences and educational endeavors I’ve had the opportunity to take part in. Looking back on the time and effort that I have put in, I have no regrets. My DECA experience has evolved me into a professional leader and will continue to do so. Here are 3 reasons why I consider myself a leader, thanks to DECA.

1. I demonstrate self-initiative

Personally, I believe that exhibiting passion is the first step in leadership. This can be sprouted from anything you love; for me, this was DECA. I was able to identify areas of interest, like writing articles for DECA Direct, practicing a Finance Cluster exam, or peer editing manuals. Simply, I found my niche. DECA was the catalyst that would foster and cultivate my interests. The vast experience I’ve gained in the corporate has allowed me to network with professionals while communicating with confidence. Today, I see myself taking initiative on my own to excel within myself but also help others elevate to new heights.

2. I motivate and inspire

DECA has allowed me to gain success in a variety of fashions, even outside of competition. Undoubtedly, I have seen tremendous, invaluable professional growth within myself. Acknowledging this attribute, I act with positivity, exhibiting my professional nature every day. I represent myself, my school, and DECA in the best possible way. I allow myself to help others whenever I can. I hope to inspire and motivate others from my experiences,  ultimately leading others towards success. Not only does this allow me to feel accomplished, but it simply makes me a better person.

3. I stay eager to learn and grow

Furthermore, as I continue to demonstrate initiative, I will always maintain my eagerness to keep learning and growing as a person. It is crucial to understand that no limit exists for success. A crucial part of success is to accept constructive criticism and learn from those with different experiences. It is challenging at times, but seeking out feedback from those with different viewpoints is one of the greatest ways to push yourself to new heights. Over the years, I have learned that it isn’t always right to take lead on everything as this type of behavior allows you to rely on yourself too much. At times, as I motivated and let my peers take charge on a team effort, I was able to appreciate and understand different perspectives; increasing my open-mindedness. This will certainly benefit me in the corporate world, where team leadership is prominent. When you intentionally seek out the ideas of others, you become a more well-rounded person as result.

I hope that DECA inspires you to find your inner leader and allows you to use your successes, experiences, and passions to demonstrate self-initiative, inspire others, and always maintain the eagerness to learn and grow from those around you!

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