What Top Entrepreneurial Students Do After High School Competitions

Meet teens who won top prizes in the competitive Diamond Challenge competition for high school business and social innovations.

Name: Shobha Dasari 

High School Grad Year: 2019

Diamond Challenge Competition Year & Placement:  2018 Business Innovation Semifinalist

Grew up in: Texas

What did the competition experience do for you? The Diamond Challenge helped me gain entrepreneurship experience and provided me with networking opportunities. They have provided me with a community of other young entrepreneurs and mentors, which has been a huge source of motivation as I work on my own venture.

Describe your venture: SpellPundit is dedicated to providing online resources to help spellers at all levels learn words faster and more accurately. We utilize an E-learning technology in which words are arranged by increasing difficulty, hints are provided to help learn words, and spellers are able to test themselves and review the words they misspelled.

What’s next?  I plan to major in biomedical engineering when I go to college next year and my goal is to create a startup company in the healthcare industry.


Name: Stash Pomichter 

High School Grad Year: 2017

Current College/University: MIT

Diamond Challenge Competition Year & Placement:  2017 1st Place Social Innovation

Grew up in: California

What did the competition experience do for you? The Diamond Challenge experience taught me the importance of working with my team and conveying an idea to hundreds of people. The experience connected me with a group of like-minded peers that I continue to be in contact with today. I believe that this network will prove absolutely invaluable in the future. I also learned that in addition to a technical degree, I wanted to pursue business as well; I’m currently double majoring in EECS and Business at MIT.

What’s next?  I plan on staying in entrepreneurship and either pursuing my own companies or pursuing the VC work I’m doing now


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