The 12 Days of DECA

It isn’t hard to find a DECA chapter that is caught in a rut- the practices are the same every time, and each member is on a personal grind to be the best they can be. However, the holiday season can be a great opportunity to challenge your DECA chapter to try something new. This holiday season, try one or two of these 12 ways to bring the Christmas spirit to your DECA experience.

1. Cookie Decorating Party 

Start the season off right with some festive team bonding! Get the whole chapter together to bake cookies or cupcakes and decorate them with your favorite reds and greens. To spice things up, make it a friendly competition by judging different students’ masterpieces.

2. Holiday Themed Practices 

Practices don’t always have to be the same! Switch things up by adding a holiday twist the next time you work on role plays. Create a scenario revolving around the holiday season, or have a friend quiz you on business terms that can relate to the holiday season.

3. Toy Drive Competition

In DECA, we also prioritize the importance of community service! Create a DECA chapter full of elves this year. Partner up with a neighboring chapter, and compete to see which chapter can donate the most toys. Then, donate all of the toys to an organization like Toys For Tots or another local organization.

4. Engage in a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Truly bond this winter by doing a Secret Santa in your Chapter! Have members draw names out of a hat and buy an inexpensive gift for their fellow teammate. Have teammates deliver gifts sporadically through the month of December or at your next chapter meeting.

5. Get Involved in the Community

Spread the giving spirit to other aspects of the community. Help out with a service organization in town, ring bells for the Salvation Army, or offer aid in any city events that pop up. This is a great opportunity for team bonding, creating roots in the community for your chapter, and seizing an opportunity to show kindness to others.

6. Make DECA Ornaments

Show that DECA isn’t only tests, roleplays, and essays! Prove that your chapter also has creativity and lots of fun by creating a Christmas ornament or other Christmas decorations. Then, hang them up the business class at your high school. Bonus points if your ornaments are DECA related or shows that you are Ready For It!

7. Give the Gift of DECA

Stuck on what to give Mom or Dad this winter break? Don’t worry! Check out Shop DECA’s website to find the perfect presents for all of the special people in your life. Shop DECA has so many great gift options, from sweatshirts to coffee mugs! Click here to see some great holiday gifts. 

8. Experience a Holiday-Centered Business

This year, take your business education outside of the classroom. Offer a field trip for your DECA chapter to see a business in action during the holiday season. Watch local candle makers create beautifully craft arrangements, or observe a tree farm at work. Better yet, arrange a time to volunteer and get some hands-on experience in a seasonal business.

9. Pajama Planning Party

The next time your DECA Leadership Team has a meeting, do it pajama-style! Wear your favorite holiday-themed pj’s while focusing on the month’s events, workshops, and so on.

10. Support a Teammate

Many DECA team members are hard at work putting together community service or other projects that will be presented at a competitive level this year. Show your support this season by purchasing their product, attending a seminar they host or spread the news about their service organization!

11. Host a Holiday Bake Sale

Squeeze some fundraising in during the last few weeks of the year with an easy and fun project. Chapter members can sign up to make baked goods, or host a stand at their school. Make it an even larger event by selling the treats at a larger venue, such as a concert at the local college. Give the proceeds to a program your chapter wishes to support, or put the earnings toward annual chapter fundraising.

12. Thank Your DECA Leadership

While the year is coming to a close, your DECA leaders are not slowing down! Thank your chapter leadership team and remind your chapter advisor of your eternal gratitude. Sing a carol or two to convey your message, and remember that every second your DECA Leadership is helping you on your journey to get Ready For It!

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