November 2018 #OneDECA Call

Since DECA’s founding, subsequent generations of leaders at the local, association, and national levels have strived to build upon the DECA experience and the very definition of what it means to be a DECA member. Through the experiences and dedication of those efforts, DECA has emerged into the organization it is today. The DECA Inc. Executive Officer Team believes that as we look forward to future generations of DECA, it is important to document the histories, practices, and experiences to serve as resources for future generations of DECA members and advisors.

The purpose of the #OneDECA Call program is to unite members throughout DECA to share ideas and stories that can better the organization as a whole and form relationships that will expand to healthy networks of collaboration. Every month the Executive Officer Team is hosting an opportunity through the video chat platform Zoom for student leaders to share ideas and get to know one another. Centered around a key topic for the month, members share their experiences and ideas which are then documented for future generations of DECA association and chapter leaders.

On November 11, student leaders from all across DECA joined to discuss leadership and competition prep in DECA. These pioneers helped formulate the structure and discussion of the call to provide their experiences and to foster collaboration. The notes below reflect the ideas, examples, and suggestions discussed on the One DECA Call pertaining to the month’s topics. The Executive Officer team facilitated this member-driven discussion so that multiple perspectives and experiences could be shared by student association and chapter leaders. We are pleased to share this report in the hopes it serves as a means to preserve the experiences and ideas of our organization’s leaders.  The team believes that through this platform every member can have a role in helping the DECA community ready themselves for more successful DECA years ahead.

Your 2018-2019 DECA Executive Officer Team,

Andrew Weatherman, Nick Matthews, Rachel Lynch, Jonathan Wilson, and Dylan Heneghan


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