The ABCs of WRLC

The theme of the Western Region Leadership Conference this year was “Tell Your Story.” This inspired hundreds of DECA students to understand who they are and what story they want to tell. From A-Z, California DECA pulled out all the stops to make this the best conference in the west.


A: Anaheim– With Disneyland, warm weather, a beautiful convention center, and plenty of sights to see, Anaheim provided endless fun for all attendees.

B: Boss– We learned what the life of a boss really looks like and how to be a good, respectable leader. We also learned that we are all bosses in our own way!

C: Competition– We learned tips and tricks on how to be the most successful in our role plays. Even got to do mock competition! Because “it’s DECA, everything’s a competition.”

D: Disney– Compared to DECA, Disney was truly “a whole new world.”

E: Elevate– Former National DECA President taught chapter officers how to ‘Elevate’ our chapters, no matter the size, area, state, or structure.

F: Fashion Show– DECA students interested in fashion, or who like to be the center of attention, got to strut their stuff in the DECA fashion competition!

G: Garage– This competition rewarded one lucky business, created by DECA students, $1,000 to invest into the startup of their company! A group of three girls ‘rose to the occasion’ with their design for an adjustable high heel shoe.

H: Hub– From booths, activities, music, and more, DECA students could go to the HUB and know they were going to have fun.

I: Improv– Musical Improv! YouTube star, Chase Padgett, treated us to some seriously hilarious songs about DECA, Conner, trying new things, and taking risks.

J: Jokes– Comedian Byron Trimble was the emcee of the conference. Keeping the 1200 students engaged, entertained, and on track was no easy task, but he handled the challenge with ease. ARIZONA!
K: Karaoke
– At the HUB, was karaoke and a lip sync battle! Jimmy Fallon style, students fake sang their hearts out in the spirit of DECA.

L: Leaders– Seeing so many of the future world leaders was inspiring. A setting like that really pushes you to want to better yourself.

M: Magic– From tricking airport security, to hiding hundred-dollar bills in an orange (still have absolutely no clue how that happened), magician Jeff Kaylor taught DECA students to think differently and work to make peoples’ days.

N: Networking– “Your net worth is only as big as your network.”

O: Officers– Officers came together and shared experiences, trials, triumphs, snapchats, and some delicious brunch.

P: Prologue– In a story, the prologue gets your attention and gets you excited for the rest of the story. Our prologue, which was opening session, did just that!

Q: Quality– From red carpets, photographers, speakers, setting, academies, and more, everything at the conference was quality.

R: Red Carpet– DECA sure knows how to make someone feel like a VIP! The red-carpet entrance made everybody feel like a Hollywood movie star.

S: Stormtroopers– In the spirit of Disney, Stormtroopers came and danced for us in Act 1! Also, our Western Region Vice President totally rocks the uniform, though I think he’s a little short to be a Stormtrooper.

T: Teamwork– Teamwork was exhibited from the state and national officer teams, the chapter teams, and from the advisors. I’m convinced that the definition of DECA is teamwork.

U: Unstoppable– The future of DECA is unstoppable! With the promise shown at this year’s conference, I am positive we are in good hands.
V: Vision– The vision for the next year is 20-20 (see what I did there). DECA, its students, and its vision are going in the right direction.
W: West Is Best- This fact was proven as over 1200 students got together for one of the best weeks of the year!
X: X-Factor– Every story has an x-factor. Attendees

Y: Yoga– Yoga in high heels. A challenge. But, fun!

Z: Zumba– Zumba at 6:30 AM! Very random. Very awesome. Very California. 10/10 would do again.

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