What Will Your Legacy Be?

Destiny Druso | Akron North DECA

The journey began with the 536-mile car ride from Akron, Ohio to Baltimore, Maryland. There were seven of us chosen for this amazing opportunity and we were headed to one of the biggest events that one could go to— The Ultimate DECA Power Trip.

The Ultimate DECA Power Trip began with the opening session where students from across the country were able to mingle with one another and hear from the amazing keynote speaker, John Beede. He motivated us to never give up and remember that everything is possible if you’re willing to work for it.

During the workshops, the presenters got us moving and ready to take on the days ahead. We learned about the fundamental skills needed throughout your future, but ultimately, we were provided the opportunity to network with industry experts and chapters across the world. From learning about stocks, how to navigate college, and all the tips on how to rock a roleplay for competition; members made connections with adults, state officers, and other members just like them!

Day two held even more excitement as we participated in practice role plays and networked with college and career representatives during the exhibit fair. The roleplays give you the opportunity to receive honest feedback and better prepare for district competition. Of course, it can be intimidating at first, but this will definitely help you in the future. It was also great to see the AT&T It Can Wait booth! As a #DECAATTProject member, it was really cool to actually see the message that our community champion expressed come to life!

Everyone knows that DECA After Dark is the event to look forward to at Power Trip. As soon as the educational components wrapped up, everyone headed to dinner and got prepared for the night ahead of them. Because the event was held at the National Aquarium, we saw all the aquatic animals and ended the night with a big DECA dance party!

On the last day, we had one last speaker to end this amazing weekend. A’ric Jackson told us his life story and everything he has been through to bring him to where he is today. We took away from his speech that we all had hardships in our life and how we choose to handle them is something that will stick with us forever. “But, remember to always do you and do you unapologetically,” because, in the end, you make the difference you want to see in the world.

As we all returned home, the memories and experiences we acquired over the weekend will forever stay with us. The people we met and the times we shared are something that will shape our lives. Many of the things we learned we will take back to our towns, schools, and communities. What is the legacy you will leave starting today?


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