4 Reasons Top Employers Look for Entrepreneurial Students

No matter the professional path a student plans to take, their ability to create, deliver and capture value from new ideas –how Horn Entrepreneurship defines and relates to the core purpose of entrepreneurship – provides benefits to others by solving important problems.


Professor Dan Freeman, founding director of Horn Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware, shares reasons why you should care about getting an entrepreneurship education, from the perspective of employers:


  1. Entrepreneurship education is real world and experiential.

Entrepreneurship is best learned by doing and entrepreneurship education is most impactful when students are engaged in pursuing new ideas for solving important, real world problems.


  1. Future employers will notice.

Every company faces an innovation imperative. If they’re not aggressively identifying and pursuing new ideas and new opportunities, then they’re dying. No industry or company is immune from the accelerating pace of technology innovation and its disruptive impact on established business models. So, the ones that want to be around tomorrow are recruiting and developing innovative and entrepreneurial talent today.


  1. Value creators are highly valued.

The only way that companies can ultimately stay in business is if the value created and captured by their employees exceeds total costs. As result, the employees who are entrepreneurial – including those who create efficiencies by identifying and solving internal problems and those who are directly responsible for creating new revenue streams, are highly valued – they get promoted faster and earn higher compensation.


  1. Being prepared to adapt and thrive in an unknowable future builds confidence.

All established career paths – from the practice of law and medicine, to the practice of finance, accounting, and marketing, to truck driving, farming and teaching – are becoming increasingly uncertain due to the disruptive effects of technology innovation. Those who possess an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset are uniquely prepared to adapt and thrive amidst this rapid change because they are adept at recognizing emerging problems as opportunities and creating innovative solutions to pursue them.


While these reasons are great ones for anyone wishing to pursue a career in innovation, they are also relevant to any individual, especially those striving to make an impact on the world.


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