Connecting the DECA Community – Power Trip and One DECA

For the Southern and North Atlantic DECA regions the Ultimate DECA Power Trip is a unique moment in the DECA year to not just connect but to also learn from each other. The reason learning opportunities like these are important is that every chapter and association has its own systems and programs that in effect allow them to do DECA differently from one another. As a chapter or association leader, the Ultimate DECA Power Trip is a time to meet once again old friends and to meet new ones, to foster collaboration and communication.

The moment at the conference that always exemplifies this exchange is the rehearsal leading up to the parade of flags. Leaders arrive from their various associations as old friends are reunited and new ones are created. It is a time to reminisce about past years and catch up on the current work of each association. Some of these friendships date back years built around the common passion for the DECA organization. New information and perspective are gained from these conversations as well from international associations such as DECA Germany.  This is just one of the many opportunities available at the conference. From the workshops to DECA After Dark at the National Aquarium, a DECA member can expect to connect with members from across the DECA community and have a lot of fun.

Entering the Regional conference both Rachel Lynch and myself knew that the conference for DECA’s seniors represents a crucial moment of their DECA experience in the High School division. For many, It marks one of the last moments in which we see our friends in office before ICDC. These raise personal questions regarding what legacy each DECA member wants to leave for future generations of DECA members. I remember how in the year prior in Philadelphia many of the association officers hugged goodbye as we prepared for the months ahead strong in conviction to make an impact every day and give back to the organization that had given so much to us. Rachel and I carried that message with us to the conference to the Seniors in attendance because every moment leading up to graduation and after they can still make an investment into the organization and help expand upon what it means to be a DECA member.

The  Executive Officer team would like to share that message with the entire DECA community and hope to support all of your efforts this year. If you were unable to make it to one of DECA’s wonderful regional conferences the Executive Officer team would implore you to contact one of us to sign up for the One DECA call program. Every month the Executive Officer team is hosting an opportunity through the video chat supporter on Zoom for student leaders to share ideas and get to know one another. Centered around a key topic for the month members share their experiences and ideas which are then documented for future generations of DECA association and chapter leaders. On December 18th at 10 PM EST, join the Executive Officer team as we discuss chapter fundraising.

To sign up for the call please fill out this form.

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