3 Tips for Successful Fundraising

Rohan Nipunge | ThunderRidge DECA

Over the years, I have learned that the more invested ThunderRidge DECA gets, the greater growth we experience in terms of chapter activities! One of the dominant methods that can inspire your chapter to elevate to new heights is through the 10-10-10 campaign which in result got my chapter thinking of successful fundraising ideas and strategies to contribute to this goal for Colorado DECA. This past month, TRHS DECA and the community surrounding raised over $300 and over 300 cans of food all in one night for our Trick or Treat Street event; which is an annual TRHS DECA tradition. Here are 3 tips of how your chapter can plan and successfully implement fundraising activities:

1. Understand that your community is a strength

When it comes to fundraising, our chapter always considers the community we live in; which doesn’t always include our school. When planning, we know that Highlands Ranch values three main characteristics: family, fitness, and giving back. Although it may seem difficult to tie all three of these attributes into one event, this is very possible. Just recently, TR DECA sponsored an event at CycleBar; an indoor cycling studio that fulfills the trendy workout wants that exist today. This event was perfect as it had suited all the attributes in my community. Although the price was $20 for the hour-long event, no one had regrets as the fundraiser provided a family fun experience that supported TR DECA and incorporated the importance of healthy living.

2. Target a wide market

As mentioned in the intro, my chapter has an annual tradition of hosting a “Trick or Treat Street.” This event does a great job every year because we get several hundreds of our community members involved; outside of those in DECA and at ThunderRidge. This is exactly what makes the experience so unique. My chapter acknowledges the importance in investing into such an event each year because we know that we will certainly get an ROI on the success that follows due to such high attendance. We fill our halls with multiple themes every year from Disney Movies to Cars to Superheroes. The list goes on and on. This event caters for a family fun experience for kids and adults alike, leading up to Halloween!

3. Market uniquely

Another aspect that contributes to our success includes marketing techniques via social media and through word of mouth while taking into consideration the holistic target market we approach. For example, although TRHS DECA spearheads Trick or Treat Street, every themed section is run by the variety of clubs/teams at ThunderRidge such as Poms, NHS, FBLA, and Choir. This also aids to increase the attendance at the event since each one of these student organizations markets people to come, providing an opportunity for publicity. In addition, we love to keep the event free each year but also state our appreciation for the donation of canned goods on the flyer we create to advocate TRHS DECA’s efforts to contribute to 10-10-10. With the smart layout of the event, we have over 20 clubs campaigning for the event in their own ways rather than just my DECA chapter and an ethical approach to keep the event free while kindly asking for a donation.

Fundraising is a beneficial technique to foster growth for your chapter, develop publicity across your community, and support DECA. The three tips provided should help your current strategies become more efficient by looking at unique avenues and approaches for maximized success!


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