Promote DECA Month with a Pro Poster

Mack Bucki | Airport DECA

As the PR (Public Relations) Manager of my chapter, my job involves promoting DECA throughout my school (and to newcomers), taking plenty of pictures, and spreading news from our chapter to the community. This October, I created a poster to promote the DECA Month Photo Competition (which begins November 1.)

Are you thinking about making your own items to promote #DECAMonth? Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

Colors & Graphics

  • Use bright colors, but make sure your visuals are not overpowering.
  • Use colors that match the theme of your promotion. Since I made a DECA-themed poster, I used the organization’s official colors throughout my promotion. If I were to do a poster for an event such as a ‘Holiday Toy Drive’, I would focus on using traditional Christmas colors such as green and red.


Can your target audience read your promotion clearly? Consider your neatness, language, and word use. When targeting specific audiences, consider the following.

Children: Avoid big words, write clearly and use helpful images.

Teenagers: Slang is okay; make it engaging.

Adults: Write in a way that is ‘eye-catching’, avoid writing that is too simplified.


It isn’t always as simple as putting your poster where the most foot traffic is. Other posters may overcrowd it and/or your target audience may not see it. If you made a poster advertising a contest directed towards teachers, you would want to put it in the teacher’s lounge (where teachers eat lunch) rather than the student cafeteria. Check with your school about regulations and getting approval to hang posters. 


Make sure that your poster has the ‘right amount’ of writing. Too much writing will make people walk right past it. Leave out important details and your audience will be confused! Go easy on the images too. Any images should be cohesive and contribute to the single message you want your audience to hear.


You need to know when to hang your poster up! If it is a big event, plan on putting your poster on the wall at least a week in advance. If your poster is to celebrate something that happened at your school, make sure it gets put up quickly and doesn’t stay on the wall for too long.

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