6 Ways to Run Your Calendar vs. Allow It to Run You

Amanda Sahawneh

Ever feel overwhelmed with school, assignments, DECA, sports, work, personal life? With so many moving parts of our daily lives, this is completely normal. Here are 6 ways to help you get everything done without feeling like you are a slave to your calendar.

Have some sort of planner.

It’s important to have a place where you can stay organized and see everything you have coming up. Some people prefer electronic calendars while others like physical paper. Personally, I like a tangible planner, but it’s important to find what works best for you.

Make time to plan weekly.

I like to take 10-20 minutes at the beginning of every week to plan for the week ahead. There’s a huge relief in knowing what’s coming up instead of being a victim of deadlines that sneak up on you.

Plan prep time.

Rather than just putting in events and deadlines, schedule time for when you are going to get things done, whether it’s an assignment, studying, or prepping for a DECA event. Having specific time blocked out to do assignments and study ensures you get everything done and relieves some anxiety.

Important vs Unimportant

Not everything we have to do is important. You should always ask yourself, “How important is this right now?” If you have an assignment due but there is a basketball game you want to go to, you’ll have to decide what is more important—finishing the assignment or going to the game. Placing the important things first will save you a lot of worry and will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed by your calendar.

Don’t say yes to everything.

There are some things you can’t avoid such as homework, class, practices, work, DECA, etc.. But there are always things that get asked of us that we don’t have to do. So, if you see that you have a lot to get done during a certain time, don’t feel obligated to say yes to going out to a movie or hanging out with friends every time you’re asked.

Spend time in your calendar daily.

It’s also important to spend a few minutes each day looking at your calendar. This will help give you focus on what’s important to prioritize for the day. If you see you have an exam coming up on Wednesday but a paper due on Friday, you’ll know what to spend your time working on Monday and Tuesday.


Have a great school year! If you have any questions about this blog and how to get better at managing your time, feel free to reach out to me at ASahawneh@cutco.com.

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