WRLC 2018 – Ahead of Its Time

The Western Region Leadership Conference has been the unifying event for the West every year, and on November 15, you’ll have the opportunity to experience this thrilling adventure for yourself. This year, we’re focusing on crafting, improving, and telling our stories to increase our opportunities and to become more effective leaders. If this isn’t enough to convince you, here are 5 more reasons why you should attend this year’s Western Region Leadership Conference in Anaheim this November.


DECA Garage

The DECA Garage is your chance to showcase all of your creativity and business prowess—Shark Tank style. You’ll have the opportunity to develop a business concept and work with a former Shark Tank Winner and Entrepreneur of the Year, Jason Lucash, to further improve your idea and make your business pitch more appealing. You will then present your businesses live to fellow DECA members in The Hub. Members will use their DECA Dollars to “fund” their favorite projects, and the top 3 funded projects will present their businesses live during closing session in front of a panel of seasoned business moguls and entrepreneurs. Your pitch and responses to their questions will determine which business they think is best. Oh, did I mention that the winner will receive a $1,000 grand prize? You do not want to miss out on this opportunity, so be sure to register for this event before October 24th.

Academies and Workshops

Throughout your workshops, you’ll be exposed to innovative ideas and concepts that will no doubt leave a lasting impression on you. There is guaranteed to be a workshop on a certain topic or skill that interests you. These workshops will also provide valuable opportunities to network with industry professionals from all across the world. They have seen it all, so come prepared with a mindset to learn and grow!

DECA Competition

Mock competition is the perfect way to get acclimated to competition—before regional & state competition. Get the one-up on your competition by practicing your presentation skills, test out different presentation tactics and to refining the skills you’ve developed throughout your time in DECA.

Experiencing Anaheim


You can’t travel to Anaheim without visiting the many amusement parks and beaches surrounding the city. You can take a walk through Downtown Disney or visit the MUZEO. On top of that, the combination of many different food options and the nice weather make Anaheim the perfect place for our conference. Be sure to explore after your sessions end!

Ensuring the West Remains the Best

This conference features many opportunities to build your personal brand, gain more leadership and industry experience, and to just to have fun. What truly makes a leadership conference special is all the members in attendance. The Western Region is home to the most creative and inspiration members of DECA, and WRLC will serve as the perfect platform for everyone to express their ideas and share experiences with one another.

This conference is sure to be unlike any other. WRLC is the perfect place to tell your story and to truly experience why the West is known as the Best.

Be sure to register for #DECAWRLC 2018 before Wednesday, October 17th!


Register Now: decawrlc.org 


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