5 Fun Fall Fundraising Ideas

With fall coming up around the corner, the season of jack-o-lanterns, sweater weather, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes is just about here.

For DECA members, fall also means that regional conferences are quickly approaching. This year, the Western Region Leadership Conference will be in Anaheim, the Central Region Leadership Conference will be in Detroit, and The Ultimate DECA Power Trip will be in Baltimore.

For many chapters, attending a regional conferences is an expensive trip, but have no fear, fall fundraising tips are here!

Check out five fundraising events your chapter can hold to help raise money for your fall needs!

1. Car Wash

A car wash seems like a classic and basic idea, but in the nice fall time weather, it’s always a great option to consider! Talk to a local store that’s on the side of the main road and ask them if you can use a source of water, and then get your chapter members hyped with some music and not only will you be able to raise money, but your chapter can bond with this activity too!

2. Showtime

Fall nights are the perfect time to put up a movie night! Sell tickets to students, friends, and family to come out to watch a movie outside on your football field or inside in your gym! You can borrow speakers, a projector and projection screen from your school for this. Put on a fall classic that everyone will love and you’ll have people rushing in for this event in no time!

3. Trivia Night

If there’s one thing people of all kinds like to do, it’s winning. Host a trivia night at your school and have teams donate money as an entrance fee. Use some of the money to purchase a prize for the winning team and have a night filled with fun, laughter, and excitement! The trivia can be done jeopardy style with online templates, or just like a game show!

4. Bonfire Night

Bonfires are a great way to socialize and have a fun night. Go to a local park or a designated area that permits you to have a closed fire, get some food and drinks and have a fun time at the social gathering where people can donate money to help out with your fundraising!

5. Bake Sale

Fall treats are a favorite among most people! Using this to your advantage, get chapter members to bake and make things that people will enjoy and want to buy! This is a fun way to get your chapter engaged in something that is fun but will also allow them to own their futures at the new regional conferences.

Fundraising isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it with these fun ideas, we hope to see you raise enough money to accomplish the goals you have set for the year and be #ReadyForIt.

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