The One Word to Describe DECA

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intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

“her energy and enthusiasm for life”

synonyms: eagerness, keenness, ardor, fervor, passion, zeal, zest, gusto, energy, verve, vigor, vehemence, fire, spirit, avidity;


ENTHUSIASM is the word that comes to mind when I think about the new school year and DECA. I love seeing all the photos of first meetings and events on social media this time of the year. One of the first things I learned at Vector Marketing is that enthusiasm sells. And the last four letters of enthusiasm stand for “I Am Sold Myself.” Among many of the skills that you learn from being a part of DECA, sales is one of the most important. You will learn that we are all salespeople, whether we’re “selling” our friends on what movie to go see or where to go eat.

As you start the school year, your DECA journey begins too. We all know the more DECA members there are, the more fun and exciting your meetings, role plays, competitions and conferences are. But do you have an elevator speech (a persuasive pitch) for why other students should join you at DECA?

Here are some tips for creating one:

  • Know who you are speaking to about DECA. What about DECA will motivate them to want to join (teamwork, skills acquired, travel, competition, etc.)?
  • How have you benefited? You will want to speak about what you have gained from your time & experiences at DECA.
  • Anticipate what questions they will have and have answers prepared. How much time will they need to invest? How does this impact their class schedule? Is there a cost involved?

These are basic steps on who to “sell” DECA membership to. Would you like help in creating one? I would be happy to help. Connect with me at or send us a DM on Twitter @VectorMarketing


Have a great start to the school year!


This article was written by Vector Marketing’s Academic Outreach Manager, Helen Brown. Follow Vector Marketing on Twitter @VectorMarketing

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