Watch Now: The 2018-2019 #ReadyForIt Membership Video

DECA is proud to present the 2018-2019 membership video. This year’s video really shows how DECA helps you get READY FOR IT – ready for college, ready for your career, ready for whatever comes next. Download the video now or view it on Vimeo. 

As you’re kicking off the school year, chapter recruitment and member engagement are top of mind. Here are a few ways to use the membership video to help you in this effort.

Share it on social media

From your chapter’s account, share the link to the video. Be sure to use your chapter’s hashtag to start building momentum. Tag other relevant accounts at your school and other relevant DECA accounts as well (think: @DECAInc and your association’s account!)  On Twitter and Facebook, you can pin the video to the top of your page. Don’t stop there, though! Have officers and members share the video as well, always making sure they tag your chapter’s account.

Find larger settings where there is an opportunity to play it

At the start of the year, schools host all sorts of events to get families involved and build student engagement. Find out about the events at your school in which you can show the video. Chapters have shown membership videos at Back To School Night, Student Organization Fairs, Freshman Orientations, etc. Get creative and don’t be afraid to ask. Are there clubs that reach a large audience that would let you show it at the beginning of a meeting? Is there a teacher who would let you come present the video at the start of a class? You’ll never know until you ask.

Kick off your first chapter meeting

The membership video is a great way to re-engage returning members and get them excited for the year ahead. If you have an interest meeting for potential new members, or encourage existing members to bring their friends to your first meeting of the year, this video definitely needs to go on your agenda! Share the video, and then select 2-3 of your own members to share their own stories of how DECA has helped them get READY for what’s ahead. This will tie the video into your own DECA chapter, and create personal connections that may help convince potential members to take the plunge!

How is your chapter featuring the new membership video in your school this year? We’d love to hear and see your ideas! Share a photo or video with @DECAInc on Twitter and Instagram and be sure to include #ReadyForIt. We’ll share our favorite ideas with the rest of DECA too.

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