Advisors: Access DECA’s Online Membership System for the 2018-2019 Year

The DECA Inc. team has been working to improve the online membership system that launched last year. We’re excited to share some new features and updates with you.

The following tabs have been added to the site for your convenience.

  • Conferences – here you can register for DECA Inc. hosted conferences.
  • Documentation (sub-tab under the Resources tab) – here you will find an expanded instructional advisor manual.
  • (High School Only) SBE Certification History – this will show you your chapter’s past SBE Certifications. Please be patient as we finish updating everyone’s records.
  • (Collegiate Only) You will soon be able to give your chapter officers the ability to manage your chapter’s membership.

We will continue to update the membership site and notify you as we add features throughout the year.

How To Access the Online Membership System

The website you will continue to use is It’s highly recommended that you bookmark this site. 

If you do not know your Chapter ID / User Name, please reach out to Data Management for further assistance.

Further instructions to help you confirm your chapter information and start entering your members can be found here. Below are the steps everyone should take when logging into the system for the first time this school year. 

Update Information

New this year: Your returning members from the previous year will already be uploaded in the membership site for you. You must complete the following steps before updating your membership for the current year. 

1. After logging in for the first time this year, confirm all information on the screen is correct.
  • Find the section labeled SELECT GRADUATION PREFERENCES. In the drop-down list beside Please Select One of the Following Options on How To Treat Your Graduating Members, select Eligible for Alumni & Professional.
  • Upon clicking the confirmation button, the pop-up will remind you to graduate your members.
    • Click Close
2. Click the RED Graduate button on the top left
  • Click the Select All button
  • Enter the email addresses if you have them
  • Click Complete Graduation
3. Click the RED Edit Students button
  • Click Bulk Grade Roll Forward
    • Here you may drop any student who will not be in your chapter this year

Add Students

You may now add new students using the Add Students button.

The following fields are required when adding a student member.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Grade/Year in School
    • 5th Grade through 12th Grade – High School
    • Freshman through Graduate – Collegiate
  • Gender
  • Demographic/Race
    • Please use the option Opt-Out if you do not know the demographic information as this will not skew the data.
  • Years as a DECA member

As always, our Data Management team will be happy to respond to any phone calls or e-mails regarding the new system. Questions can be e-mailed to A member of the Data Management team will respond within one business day.


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