4 Ways to Stay Involved with DECA All Summer Long

Grace Agnew | Chatham Charter DECA

One of the hardest things about summer is getting back into the school year in the fall. Next thing you know, it’s time for local competitions! Here are a few tips to stay involved with DECA all summer so that when the time comes, you are #ReadyForIt.


  1. Have a DECA buddy

I’ve found one of my biggest struggles in the summer is holding myself accountable to all I need to get done or should be doing. The best thing I’ve done to remedy this is to find a DECA buddy to hold me accountable to practicing test and role plays in the summer. This person will be there when you don’t feel like studying or writing that paper and you will be the same support system for them.


  1. Host DECA Days

Have your chapter host events throughout the summer to assure you get all the resources available to you such as new practice tests, role plays, and written event topics. This is also another good way to be accountable to other people. You can set goals as a chapter and encourage the success of others while maintaining a chapter connection. These can be small get togethers at a local coffee shop or a huge chapter affair filled with fun, food, and DECA.


  1. Keep your chapter connected

Throughout summer it is important to maintain contact with fellow chapter members. This is key to your success in DECA and can make all the difference when competition rolls around. You can do this through social media or meeting in person. These points of contact can be as loose or formal as your chapter chooses to make them and can cover a variety of topics to help keep you involved in DECA over the summer.



The best way to stay involved in DECA all summer long is to practice. Practice tests, role plays, and even writing. Resources for practice tests and role plays are always available on DECA’s website and can be your key to success in the upcoming school year. I’ve found the best way to practice role plays in the summer is to practice with relatives with no marketing background. After you prep your role play, give them the judges’ sheet and debrief with them after. If you’re more of a written event person, no problem. Find short writing prompts online that align with a topic in DECA and practice creative marketing skills and continue to hone your grammar and writing skills.

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This article was written by DECA Direct Online Social Media Correspondent Grace Agnew. You can follow Grace on Twitter at  @graceagnew8.

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