Five Ways to be #ReadyForIt Next Year

Alexandra Miller | Upper Merion DECA

The school year is quickly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean DECA has to! While you’re relaxing over the summer, you can start to prepare yourself for an academically organized, productive, and all-around awesome year. Here are the top 5 ways that you can make sure you’ll be #ReadyForIt next year.


1. Get Organized

Whether it be preparing to conquer your role-play or to ace that midterm, you’ll find that remaining organized throughout the year will allow you to stay on track and focused, no matter what may lie ahead of you. Organization will also help with stress and time management!


2. Set Goals

Setting goals for yourself will allow you to stay on track with what you’re trying to accomplish as the year progresses. Goals will also help you determine how you can get started to build your successful future!


3. Prioritize

Priorities are the key to an efficient and productive year. By creating to-do lists, completing tasks based on level of importance, and more, you are allowing yourself to achieve the goals you may have set and you are demonstrating strong working habits. You may notice that nights of homework and studying even become less timely and stressful!


4. Be Positive

Don’t let one bad test score get you down. Your attitude, determination, and effort are all other equally important factors – not just your grades. When you have a rough day in the classroom, focus on all of your positive traits, and remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day.


5. Give Your Best Effort

Yes – it sounds cliche. It’s something you may hear your mom tell you before the championship game, or something your dad reminds you to do before you take an important exam. No matter what you do this year, be sure to always put your best foot forward and be proud of your accomplishments. As long as you’ve tried your best, then you’ve done an amazing job. You’ll be able to look back on your DECA experience with pride, knowing that you didn’t hold anything back.


What will you do this summer to get #ReadyForIt?


This article was written by Upper Merion DECA Social Media Correspondent, Alexandra Miller. You can follow Alexandra on Twitter at @_decaalex

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