Memories and Mementos: A Tradition of Trading at DECA ICDC

Destiny Druso | Akron North High School

Every year when #DECAICDC comes around, anticipation fills the crowd at the opening session with over 20,000 students and advisors. DECA members from all over mix and mingle through the crowd with their flashing hats and glasses, hoping to find the rare and largest pins from other states and provinces.

This year was my very first DECA International Career Development Conference. I had no idea what to expect at the opening session. My advisor talked briefly about the experience, but I could not have imagined how exciting it would be. When the few people from my chapter and I arrived, we just stood in awe to take it all in. It was overwhelming at first to step into Mercedes-Benz Stadium and see the full DECA setup. Other members were rushing around to trade their pins and it was initially hard to jump in. Eventually, we fell into the rhythm and started to mix in with crowd trading our Ohio pins for some really cool ones.

Being apart of DECA, you have to have amazing marketing and communication skills to really sell why your pin is the best one out there. Although it might be hard trying to find members that hadn’t already traded with your state or province, it is possible! Think of it almost like a game or a challenge. It’s so fun when you finally are able to trade for a certain pin you’ve had your eye on. 

The best part about trading pins is you get to meet people from all over the U.S. and abroad. You might not remember all the people you traded pins with, but there will be the few that will remain in your head. Next time you go to ICDC, you might even be able to trade with some who you traded with previously!  These are the connections we are going to make while in DECA and beyond. These are the memories we will carry with us. The pins offer a great keepsake for our amazing week at ICDC. 


This article was written by @tlantaLive Social Media Team Member Destiny Druso (Akron North High School).  

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