DECA exclusive Andy Grammer concert rocks Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Emma Hofman | Arrowhead DECA

It was “good to be alive” Monday night as Andy Grammer’s upbeat hits engaged countless DECA students at the DECA ICDC exclusive concert. The roar of marketing students chanting along to Grammer’s songs reverberated through the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, creating an atmosphere like no other. Jillian Jacqueline cheerfully opened the evening in her stylish, bright yellow jumpsuit with some heartfelt love songs. The Pennsylvania native shouted out her home state and proceeded to sing her up-and-coming tunes including Reasons, Hate Me and many more.

Andy Grammer and his interactive band took the stage after Jacqueline’s performance and DECA students swarmed the floor to get close to the captivating star. He sang everything from his top hits to newer singles, and even a few covers. Opening with Hallelujah, his 2015 hit song, Andy Grammer had the crowd in the palm of his hand right from the start. In addition to his original songs he also shared some popular covers of songs by artists such as Khalid, Demi Lovato, Jon Bellion and Alessia Cara. The dynamic setlist was one of the many . Just prior to singing his new hit, Give Love, Grammer gave an enthusiastic acknowledgement of the deca-cation of the ICDC competitors for the ambition and success that DECA members display.

Not only did Grammer put on a great show, but his band could’ve held a show on their own. They energetically danced around the stage, and wore the many state DECA hats thrown at them. At one point in his show, Grammer surprised the crowd of students by weaving through the entire audience, stepping up through the multi-level stadium to personally interact with as many spectators as he could. The way Grammer and his band enthralled the crowd truly elevated the energy level of the entire stadium.  

The concert seemed to end too soon but, feeding off the energy of the crowd, Andy Grammer kept the fun going by coming out for an encore performance.  His encore featured Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars which Grammer explained he used to sing to draw a crowd during his street singing days. Arrowhead (WI) DECA member, Della Gehring, cheerfully exclaimed, “It’s so cool a star like Andy Grammer is supportive of an amazing organization like DECA.” This truly sums up the impact that the concert had on so many DECA competitors in Atlanta, and it was the perfect ending to cap off an intense day of competition.


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