Top 5 things that happened at the DECA 5K

Ronnie Nuqui | Norman North High School

The DECA 5K is the first event held at ICDC. Hundreds of DECA-cated students and advisors woke up early in the morning to not only run for DECA, but also for MDA. Here are the top 5 things that happened at the #DECA5K, according to a 5K finisher:

#1 DECA Party

Before DECA members invaded the streets of Atlanta, they were warming up outside of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. While people were still getting registered, a live DJ got attendees moving and the U.S. Army hosted challenges like push ups and pulls ups. It was also a great opportunity for members to make new friends and connections.

#2 The Beginning

Ready, Set, GO! Off the DECA participates go with determination in their hand. DECA staff and Executive Officers clapped and cheered on the participates as they ran. As the race began, so did the start of new connections and life long DECA friends. Members and advisors from around the world running for MDA created #limitless connections for them.

#3 The Long Hour

As participates ran (or walked) through Atlanta they got to see great views of the city – from tall buildings to Atlanta neighborhoods. A 5K is no walk in the park, though. By the 2-mile mark some members were feeling the pain and their energy was wearing off. Luckily, with DECA-cated members by their side, they helped each other out to reach the finish line.


An experience that will last a lifetime. Cameryn Lukawski from Norman North DECA, Oklahoma carried a DECA member from a different association. Cameryn said “I honestly felt bad. She looked like she had a hard time breathing, and if something happened to her I wouldn’t forgive myself.”. This is what DECA is about, helping each other and creating a connection with each other – no matter how far away they live. (They both crossed the finish line).

#5 The Finish Line

As runners turned the last corner, adrenaline started kicking in – like some unknown backup energy was activated. In the final stretch, cheers carried participants home as supporters lined the streets leading to the finish line. After receiving their medals, runners got shirts, food and drinks while others finished. The celebrations continued throughout the morning with dancing, meeting and laughing with DECA friends, new and old.

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