DECA Day at Six Flags Over Georgia

Sara Sherazi | Taylor Truman High School DECA

The 2018 International Career Development Conference is off to a great start! On Saturday, hundreds of DECA members got to spend an entire day at Six Flags Over Georgia! Members from all over the world were able to meet and network with each other while also enjoying the great rides.


The day was filled with sunshine, Snapchats and screams as DECA members as they took on twists and turns at extreme speeds on some of the country’s best coasters. With over 12 thrill coasters and five water park rides, Six Flags Over Georgia provided a fun-filled day for DECA members. A few DECA park-goers shared their favorite rides of the day.


Luciano Sandoval (TX): “Dare Devil”

Starting out with a 95-foot drop straight down, this coaster is sure to make your stomach drop. Immediately diving into twists and turns, Dare Devil keeps your adrenaline up for the entire ride.


Logan Lundgren (MI): “Batman”

Boarding this ride means taking the inverted track all the way through Gotham. The 360 degree loops at 50 mph are not for the timid.


Melanie Duvall (MI): “Superman”

It’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s DECA! Pretzel loops and 10-story drops are just the beginning of this coaster. Riders tackle a high-speed horseshoe-shaped curve, a breathtaking helix, and then a full 360-degree in-line roll.


Ethan Carney (AR): “Goliath”

Goaliath is exactly that. This mighty coaster towers at 200 feet, and riders soar through the loops and spins at 70 mph.


Overall, Six Flags Over Georgia was a huge success and DECA members got to create wonderful memories for #DECAICDC!

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