Alma DECA Celebrates Happy CTE Month

Austin Cluck | Arkansas DECA & Alma DECA

During the month of February, Alma DECA organized and implemented a “Happy #CTE Month” campaign as an advocacy campaign for the Alma DECA chapter.

In this campaign, there were several activities, all with the end goal of informing as many people that we could about Career and Technical education.

The advocacy campaign is split into several portions: Community Outreach, School Outreach and Public Policy makers. These are some of the activities that were held from each section:

  • Community Outreach:
    • Posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • School Outreach:
    • CTE Trivia Based on Social Media Tips(PSA)
    • Utilizing the SBE Window display to promote #CTE
  • Public Policy Makers:
    • Emails were sent to our representatives in the House and Senate
    • Mayor’s Proclamation

This campaign reached out to over 80,000 people on Twitter alone. Using the PSA announcements, an additional estimated 2,500 students and staff were reached.

As a Career & Technical Education class, the Marketing Leadership Students also helped in making decorations for the school store, aire-looms. These included many hearts upon other hearts that hung from the display window of the store because we love CTE. The display was left up until the end of February.

In the end, this advocacy campaign was approved at the international level and accomplished the goal of reaching many people through CTE month. “Participating in this event was a great experience,” says CTE committee member, Seth Cole. “I helped in the outreach by posting on my Twitter account, which was a new experience for me.”

From a personal level, getting asked what CTE was to me was a great experience. I enjoyed the time I spent talking to people about Career and Technical Education. Throughout, I received many comments of how CTE might actually be worth their time. It’s time to prepare for YOUR future #thefutureisus. The possibilities are #Limitless when you are a part of #CTE.

This article was written by Alma DECA Vice President of Finance, Austin Cluck. You can follow Austin on Twitter @austin_l_c_03 and Alma DECA @AlmaDECA.

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