Pros and Pros of Being a Chapter Officer

Henry Hoang | NM DECA Association President

DECA provides multiple opportunities for you to lead DECA into a #Limitless future! No matter your title (Executive, Association, or Chapter Officer), you are exhibiting tenacity and passion to serve others.

What separates a chapter position from the executive and association levels is the opportunity to inspire individuals in your own chapter!

Here are some other pros of being a chapter officer:

1. Create a Personal Connection
Being a Chapter Officer will allow you to make more personal connections with the members in your chapter. This may seem small, but it definitely is a huge impact on the members.

2. Host Amazing Events
As a Chapter Officer, you gain a ton of event planning experience through chapter campaigns, chapter meetings, chapter socials and so much more! Take this chance to elevate your event planning skills and create a fun experience.

3. Engage with the Community Around You
This position gives you the ability to reach out to your local community and receive exclusive access to opportunities for yourself and your chapter.  This could include sponsorships, donations, work opportunities and more!

Still unsure whether you should apply for a position in your chapter? Here are some testimonials from chapter officers all around the DECA Nation!

“Being a chapter officer forces you to find your personal leadership style. Because DECA is student-lead, you’re given so many opportunities to find your style of leadership and to capitalize on it.”

– Lena Kellogg 2 Year Chapter President of Leavenworth, KS

“I really enjoy being able to help lead my chapter into the Battle of Business at DECA Conferences and Competitions. It’s a thrill assisting my chapter members in their pursuit of victory and good times.”

– Christopher Weddigen, Vice President of Centennial HS, AZ

“Serving as a chapter officer catalyzes your DECA story by equipping you with invaluable leadership skills, providing unparalleled networking opportunities, and allowing you to create tangible impact in your chapter.”

– Drew Weatherman, Hickory Ridge NC

“Never leave these memories–never ignore these moments. Because these people, this experience, will show you that beauty can exist in everything: stress, frustration, love, and fulfillment for something that will become infinitely you.”

– Justin Flynn, Chapter President, Manzano HS, New Mexico

Follow DECA Inc. on Twitter @DECAInc. This article was written by NM DECA Association President and DECA Social Media Correspondent, Henry Hoang. You can follow Henry on Twitter @DECAHENRY.


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