3 Simple Tips to Make Your DECA Chapter More Fun

Photo courtesy of @samskinnerr on Instagram.

I love DECA. I love DECA so much that I am known around my school as the DECA kid – a meme if you will.

Even though I may be a meme, I’m a good meme, a funny meme, and I bring attention to my chapter… clout if you will.

In this article you will find three tips to turn your “boring” chapter into a fun chapter.

1. Member of the Month

As the president of my chapter, I think it is my role and responsibility to acknowledge anybody who I think goes above and beyond. Whether that is doing community service work or doing a lot of chapter work, I think it is important to reward an individual or individuals for their hard work and dedication. I’m not saying to spend $50 a month on gifts however. Simple recognition such as prizes and gifts, is a great way to get your members engaged and excited.

2. Be Energetic

If you are a leader or even just a chapter member, being energetic, goofy, and a little DECA crazy is absolutely ok. I think a reason why I am gaining a lot of chapter buzz around school is because my chapter is filled with people who are intelligent minded but also people who can have fun. Creating a family and a culture is invaluable for any chapter. Being energetic also ties into my third way to have fun, which is…

3. Don’t Be Serious

Hey I can be as serious as the next guy, but nobody wants to be in a club that’s serious. It’s simply not fun! I’m not saying to wear a silly tie to your role-play with socks and sandals. I’m saying to have parties after school or have bondings. Do things no other club at your school or chapter around the nation does. So go out and have fun!

This article was written by Hazen High School DECA president Brandon Chin. You can follow @HazenDECA on Instagram and follow Brandon on Twitter @13randonchin.


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