#DECAATTProject Students in Middle School Bring home Medals

Seeing the benefits to high school DECA members through the #DECAATTProject, Seventy-First High School DECA Advisor, Terri Peoples, inquired about assisting Seventy-First Classical Middle School establish a chapter. Denise McAlister Seventy-First Classical Middle School teacher was intrigued and on board and together she and Sharon Peterson began their journey.

With mentoring from Seventy-First High School DECA members and Terri Peoples, Seventy-First Classical Middle School became the first North Carolina middle school DECA chapter in 2016. During that first year, students observed at the district competition. It was a wonderful experience, so they went on to the NC Career Development Conference (CDC) to observe for a day.

The chapter experienced great growth in membership and experience over the first year. This year, 21 students qualified to attend CDC and they competed and experienced everything the conference had to offer. For ten students, this was the first time being away from home without family members. They were comforted, by their high school colleagues. Arianna stated that she enjoyed interacting with high school students, and Hannah added that she appreciated the advice they received from the high school students they met at district competition.

What did they like best? Angela said, “the opening ceremony and all the lights”, and “getting to experience what high school students do” added Isabella. The chapter president, Asia, shared “The competition was amazing. DECA is going to take me places!” And take them places, it has. Asia and two of her classmates were recognized with medallions for their achievement in role play events.

Current Seventy-First High School freshman, Maddie, will be on hand to welcome the new members as they enter high school. She remembers well the transition she experienced as a member of the first middle school chapter who is now part of the high school DECA family.

Chidimma recalled that her confidence received a boost from the workshop, Fearful to Fearless: How to Be a Fearless DECA Competitor, as she and others realized that everyone is afraid of something. Classmate, Jordan added her advice, “Be prepared, don’t worry, ask questions about what you don’t understand. And, breathe in positivity and breathe out success.”

With that type of growth in membership and confidence in one year, their sights are set on representing NC DECA in Orlando in 2019!

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