There’s So Much More to DECA Than Just Travel

Hazel Reck | Fox Valley Technical College Collegiate DECA

DECA competition season is in full swing. Every DECA chapters across the country are finishing up their #Limitless association conferences and preparing for the most amazing experience there is – the International Career Development Conference.

This is very important and is a great highlight of being in DECA, but there is so much more to the organization.

When I first joined DECA, it was not to travel. It was to network and learn new skills. I did not even want to travel right away because of missing school and work. Now I know it was worth it, but I hear people from all over saying that they join DECA just to travel.

Below are some things that DECA provides to its members besides just travel:


Like I said above, I joined to meet people. DECA allows so many opportunities at other events besides competition. Leadership conferences can allow you to meet other chapter, local business owners and individuals that can take you a long way. These people will stick with you for the rest of your life.


Each chapter does something special to them. It could be raising money for an animal rescuing, or volunteering at local events to get donations for people in need. Doing these things can give a person a feeling that you cannot get anywhere else. Being in DECA has given me that feeling because of what DECA does for others.


Yes, it is cheesy to say you make friends in a club, but it’s true! I had no friends from college until I joined DECA. At our state conference others said the same thing. Odds are you will have things in common with people how are active and get involved in the club.

Resume Builder

Last year one of our members went in for a job interview. Half way through the manager saw “DECA” on our members resume. They had a 30-minute talk about DECA and then later that day our member got the job. I am not saying this is why he got the job, but it sure helped! DECA gives great leadership, speaking and interpersonal skills that jobs look for. I think this is one of the best things a person can get out of DECA.

Whenever I hear someone say they did DECA for the travel I stop them. I make sure I hit on the four points above. Networking, community, friendship and resume builder. These things on top of travel make DECA what it is. I would recommend DECA to everyone if I could.

This article was written by Fox Valley Technical College Collegiate DECA President, Hazel Reck. You can follow Hazel on Twitter @HazelReck11.

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