Southwest MS Community College Collegiate DECA Joins the “Recycle One” Project

Lisa Jones | Southwest Mississippi Community College Collegiate DECA

If you had $117 billion, would you trash it? That’s how much U.S. economic activity recycling creates annually!

It all starts with one aluminum can, one cardboard box, one plastic bottle, one newspaper, one person…you!

Southwest MS Community College Collegiate DECA members were excited to continue several ongoing recycling projects as one of our many community service projects for the 2017-2018 school year. We have enjoyed much success with our recycling projects in the past and this year was no different. Recycling is an easy way to create a positive impact. We continuously strive to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, both on and off of our beautiful campus.

Southwest MS Community College Collegiate DECA members chose to support the Pike County “Recycle One” Project by placing recycling bins in our Business & Marketing Department to collect plastic soda and water bottles. This project will help our facilities stay clean and presentable for the students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus and help the environment as well.

There are also five main reasons for everyone to recycle:

1. Recycling conserves energy.
2. Recycling employs people.
3. Recycling conserves landfill space.
4. Recycling conserves energy.
5. Recycling reduces our dependence in overseas natural resources.

Our entire chapter participated in the “Recycle One” project for the 2017-2018 Fall/Spring semesters beginning August 2017- February 2018. We utilized a small storage room inside the Business & Marketing Management Department to store bags removed from the recycling bins. Once the storage room was filled, we removed the bags from our storage facility and the students loaded the bags in several trucks for transportation.  The bags were transported to one of the recycling drop off centers in Summit, MS.

Southwest MS Community College Collegiate DECA members are committed to the improvement of our campus and community and towards reducing the solid waste sent to landfills. We hope to share the importance of recycling and the opportunity to turn recyclables back into new products.

Several of our business and marketing classes learn about various products that are manufactured using recycled plastic, such as handbags, t-shirts, etc. Did you know that 19 20 oz bottles yield enough fibers to make an XL t-shirt and one square foot of carpet?  Our Collegiate DECA members take pride in knowing that the plastic bottles that they are recycling today, may become the t-shirt they are wearing next year!

This article was written by Southwest Mississippi Community College Collegiate DECA Social Media Correspondent, Lisa Jones. You can follow Collegiate DECA on Twitter @CollegiateDECA.

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