4 Tips for Successful Collegiate DECA Chapter Operations

Nicholas Herzberg | University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Collegiate DECA

Collegiate DECA has been one of the biggest factors in my college experience. Our chapter at UW-Whitewater has given me the opportunity to grow as a leader and a person.

We pride ourselves on making sure everyone feels included and that we go the extra mile for our members.

In order to continue this success, a chapter needs to have these fundamental principles that keep operations in order.

1. Keep financials in check.

Financial planning is the most important aspect of the chapter. The chapter needs to have enough money in reserves to run the chapter as well as money for additional activities to grow the chapter. This should be a baseline for planning events and other chapter activities

2. Start a meeting schedule.

As a chapter your team needs to develop content to members engaged throughout the year. Try to create a mix of different meetings such as social meetings, speaker meetings and outside campus activities. These are key to keep your chapter up to date on all information

3. Create a Program of Work.

The most important thing in leadership is goal setting. You and your team members should fill out a POW to set deadlines and outline any opportunities or threats you may encounter throughout the year.

4. Shadow another chapter.

Looking at other established chapters is a great way to get ideas for your own. It’s important to plan before actually implementing ideas and executing plans. DECA has chapters of all sizes, so you can mix and match ideas from each in order to get the most out of your campus.

Hopefully these tips are a stepping stone towards a healthy and prospering chapter. Our chapter is turning 10 next year and we continue to grow and compete at a very high level.

This article was written by University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Collegiate DECA President, Nicholas Herzberg. Follow UW-Whitewater DECA on Twitter @UWWDECA.

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