Amaz-ing Real Issues in Real Time

Vera Woodson | South County DECA

Amazon is looking to build a new headquarter HQ2, and South County DECA is taking on the challenge!

Chapter members are working to analyze and locate the perfect new home for this logistics and innovative powerhouse. Students engaged in real-world experiences are better able to see the world through a global lens.

Working in collaboration to critically-think through the options and solutions to issues facing businesses are a component of the marketing process. Students professionally define the opportunities to solicit feedback from peers, acknowledging the need to expand their reach and abilities.

The intensity to find a new place to call home is actually happening in real-time as Amazon leaders are currently traveling the United States surveying the competition. States submitted proposals and incentives to lure Amazon to locate their new headquarter in their most welcoming cities.

The benefits include the hiring of 50,000 workers for the new campus in the selected city. Those jobs translate to real dollars on the local economy, through the purchasing of everything from homes for the employees to the investment in schools for their children.

The ripple effect of having Amazon impact a local and state economy is the challenge for the South County students to research and present. While vying for the coveted “mystery prize,” students will gain skills and understanding in the role of business, economic utility, and business planning and proposals.

These Amaz-ing projects will prepare students for real world pitch perfect scenarios that include their ability to identify trends and economic factors that influence the decisions of corporate planning and economic partnerships.

This article was written by South County DECA advisor, Vera Woodson. You can follow South County DECA on Twitter @SoCoDECA.

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