Real World Advice from Real Collegiate DECA Graduates

Photo courtesy of @fit_deca on Instagram.

If you’re a Collegiate DECA member who is walking across the stage this May, I first want to congratulate you all and wish you the best in your future! Over the years, many Collegiate DECA members have been in the same spot as you, and wanted to give you some words of wisdom before you enter the real world.

Here are a few top tips from real Collegiate DECA grads!

Stay Connected

“Staying connected with fellow Collegiate DECA members inside and outside your chapter is beneficial because they’ll be strong minded and ready to take on life like you!” – Alyssa Duncan, 2016 -2017 Collegiate DECA President

Give Back

“Collegiate DECA has given me so much for my career that I am inspired to give back. I am now able to help to provide opportunities for others to gain the same experiences by providing jobs and sponsoring students to attend Collegiate DECA Conferences.”  – Clayton Dehaan, Vice President, Western Facility Services Group


“Making real money is awesome, but it disappears quick if you are not planning properly. Start saving in a 401K, IRA, HSA, and stashing away extra money for future big expenses.” – Mary Kavan, Arizona Collegiate DECA

This advice is such from a few success Collegiate DECA members. We have thousands of successful alumni from all over the world and I highly recommend staying connected with them by connecting with us in the DECA Inc. LinkedIn Group.

Whether this was your first or last year in Collegiate DECA, I know you will be ready to take on real world in full force. As you enter your career path, thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Some advice my DECA advisor gave me when I began my DECA journey was to “be comfortable being uncomfortable,” by doing this you will try new things that you would not normally try which may open new doors for you as you grow in your career.

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