5 Reasons Why Your Chapter Needs to Be at #CDECAICDC

We are almost there! In just a few weeks the 2018 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference will kick off in Washington, D.C. On behalf of the Executive Officer Team, we are excited to share this experience with you.

We have worked hard throughout our term to develop an experience that will bring value to you and your career journey. So here are a few reasons why you and your chapter need to be at ICDC this year.

1. Leadership Forum

As an officer team, we realized that the core of the Collegiate DECA experience is student leaders. That’s why our team has organized a forum for chapter and association leaders to provide feedback and develop solutions to progress our division.  We want this to be an engaging conversation for our leaders to communicate the pain points of the Collegiate DECA journey, while working together to develop solutions.

This will be a closed event, but keep an eye on social media for more details.

2. Revamped PDA’s

Each year we partner with our National Advisory Board members (NAB) to host our Professional Development Academies (PDA) at #CDECAICDC. However, rather than sit through a day of workshop, we want our members to engage with our directly NAB.

This year we are teaming up with our NAB to develop a mini case completion during our PDA session. You will be placed in teams and given a topic. Then you and your team will talk directly with our partners at the exhibit hall to help find the best solution.

Oh, there will prizes too! So, the more partners you meet the higher the chances your team can score some awesome prizes provided by our NAB.

3. Entrepreneurship and Sales Challenges

Are you looking for more competitive events and want to win straight cash? Then check out the Entrepreneurship and Sales Challenges. These two events are open to any member in attendance at #CDECAICDC.

In the Entrepreneurship Challenge, you will work in teams to create a unique business concept based on a theme provided during the conference. Then you will pitch your ideas to a judge at a roundtable session. Winners will be announced at closing session and receive a large cash prize.

The Sales Challenge is a three-day sales competition designed help build members sales skills with industry seminars. You will have an opportunity to present and work your sales skills with industry professionals. Winners will also be announced at closing session and given a prize.

Check out deca.org to learn more!

4. Secret Fundraising Event

At Collegiate DECA we love to give back! This year we are taking an exciting approach to our annual community service project. However, we can’t tell you just yet, but keep an on our social media pages for our announcement.

5. UM…D.C!

We know that you and your chapter are excited to take on the historic Washington D.C.

Our hotel, the Crystal Gateway Marriott, is located conveniently right above a D.C Metro stop. That mean you can walk right into the station from the hotel to all the historic and FREE D.C. sites. Check out the Metro Rail Map to help plan out your trip!

Once again, on behalf of the 2017-2018 Executive Officer Team, we are excited to see you at this year’s #CDECAICDC. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of us, we are happy to serve.

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