4 Presentation Tips to Help Your Wow Your Judge

The difference between a good case study presentation and a great case study presentation is the delivery of the content you’ve created.

Below, I list some tips that I personally use when presenting. Some tips are self explanatory and simply reminders, but others will hopefully help you improve your presentation skills and place higher at the 2018 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference.


Let’s start simple: Smile. This tip is a reminder that friendliness goes a long way. I personally find it difficult to smile during a presentation, my mind is always focused on logistics instead of appearance, but a smile can relax your judge and make you seem more reasonable in your suggestions. This is especially useful when you’re introducing yourself, and shaking the judges hand at the beginning of your role-play.

Tell a Story

Personal anecdotes, or stories of real companies in similar situations to your case, can bring depth and realism into your role play. Additionally, this shifts the tone of your role play from the simple ‘problem solution’ structure, to more of a conversation. Finally, a story not only can help strengthen your point, but can also act as a way of standing out to the judge.

Have a Visual

Whether it’s a quick graph scribbled onto paper, or a drawing of what an app mockup may look like, spend the minute or two during prep to have a visual to show your judge. This adds a sense of realism to your presentation and will help you stand out

Stay in Character

This point tends to go understated; stay in character throughout your role-play. From the second you’re in the booth, until the second you leave, know who you’re role playing and stay in character. Try to act in a way that let’s the judge know who you are. If you’re a salesman versus a VP of a company, you are likely to approach a conversation with the president of a company very differently.

I hope this tips were able to help! If you have any more presentation tips, share them with me on twitter @jakejardinedeca. Good luck and I hope to see you at #CDECAICDC!

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